Announcement: Lecture by David Nieborg in Zagreb, 17th of October 2022

Oct 6, 2022

It is our pleasure to announce a lecture by David Nieborg entitled ‘Next Steps in Culture, Platforms and Regulation’, that will be held on 17th of October 2022 at 18h in F22 Hall of the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Frankopanska 22, Zagreb.

About the lecture:

This talk grapples with the question how to conceptualize and analyze platform power? Before being able to have a productive conversation about the regulation of (and the regulation by) platforms, it needs to be clear what our unit of analysis is. What are we talking about when we say Facebook or Meta? Where does Google, as corporate entity and as a data infrastructure, begin and end? To answers these questions, I will first present the main framework that underlies our recent book, Platforms and Cultural Production (Polity, 2021). Three key themes constituting institutional platform power – markets, infrastructure, and governance – will be discussed. These forms of power allow for a conversation about how platforms afford and constrain creativity and labor. Second, I will discuss nascent work that goes beyond cultural production and includes conversations about the broader mechanisms at play in the platform economy: conglomeration, financialization, platformization, and infrastructuralization. These mechanisms provide the impetus for a debate about what, who, where, and when to regulate.

More about the book ‘Platforms and Cultural Production’ at:

About the lecturer:

David B. Nieborg is Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough with a graduate appointment at the Faculty of Information. He holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam and held visiting and fellowship appointments with MIT, the Queensland University of Technology, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. David published on the game industry, apps and platform economics, and games journalism in academic outlets such as New Media & Society, Social Media + Society and Media, Culture and Society. He is the co-author of Platforms and Cultural Production (Polity, 2021). His research has been supported by grants from the University of Amsterdam, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

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